Our Approach...

Techniques & Processes

Our techniques and processes are designed to ensure our clients are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Key procedures include:

  • Intelligent research design, project management, analysis and interpretation
  • Project implementation, post implementation service support and assistance
  • Qualitative research: focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Quantitative research: telephone, web and postal surveys
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Research Process

Intelligent research design and project management is key to the Hayworth Coopers approach.

Every organisation is unique and has different objectives. Hayworth Coopers can help your organisation design a customised plan or project. We can also provide project management services and business services as well.

Hayworth Coopers can give you an objective viewpoint by analysing current and past business management projects. This will maximise the usefulness of the findings and assess the quality of the process.

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Desk research and data analysis will help you learn more about your current and potential markets, your clients and competitors. Unfortunately, few organisations have the time or resources to collect, collate and distil the mass of information available into the nuggets that could give you a competitive edge.

In addition to tried and tested methodologies, Hayworth Coopers consultants adopt a combination of internal and external data sources to capture the relevant information on your particular fields of interest. The analysts pinpoint your areas of interest and distil the information into valuable, relevant reports.

The information can be reported to you as a one-off exercise or regularly transmitted via email or an intranet facility.

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Qualitative Research

Research is at its most effective when you need a real, in-depth understanding. Hayworth Coopers has a team of senior, sector-trained interviewers and moderators, who lead focus groups and perform in-depth interviews with senior level decision makers.

We have set procedures for the whole administrative process surrounding qualitative research and carry out in-depth interviews all around the world. Our data collection can take many forms, from one-to-one interviews to large group sessions. We can even interview your clients via the internet.

In our experience almost 80% of professional respondents are willing to be attributed, providing highly-actionable feedback, immediately, on an account-by-account basis.

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Quantitative Research

When an organisation knows the questions it wants to ask and is looking for a robust statistical answer, diagnostic, statistical, quantitative research techniques are needed. The chosen research method and the required sample size are decided using best practice methods that ensure the research is capable of answering the questions posed, with careful consideration of time and cost constraints. The Hayworth Coopers team will discuss all these contributing factors with you during a project scoping meeting.

Hayworth Coopers will design the questionnaire, analyse the data and present the findings along with recommendations. We work in all media - telephone, web and postal.

Interviewers are fully trained and supervised and are subject to Hayworth Coopers quality procedures.

Our research team is well equipped with the expertise and knowledge of our client's individual business, as well as being experienced in conversing with key decision makers of large companies. We are able to provide bilingual interviewers, providing an international capacity for research.

Our web surveys provide speedy and accurate turnaround of data - respondents complete the survey, and results are published, online.

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Competitor Analysis

Many businesses know their immediate market like the back of their hand, but in today's world people are expanding their services geographically, to new sectors and to new target groups. Understanding the markets you would like to focus on is not only key to getting your growth strategy right, but also to protecting your current position.

Hayworth Coopers has a team of consultants who follow a prescribed methodology to gather and analyse competitor intelligence. Using both desk research techniques and some primary telephone and field-based work, the analysts can develop market maps of your target areas.

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Service Development

In today's competitive markets it is simply not enough to deliver 'good service' or to have 'good people'. Organisations in our sectors need to differentiate themselves through innovative services and new products. This is uncharted territory for many organisations and it is easy to invest a lot and still get it wrong.

Hayworth Coopers has developed a specific methodology for determining client needs, measuring performance and ultimately forecasting the success of new products, services development or market entry strategies. It works because it is grounded in high quality research and the right combinations of skills, pragmatism and market experience. Following the evaluation phase Hayworth Coopers also advises on marketing and branding issues.